Ways to get involved

Make your experiences with the CCIM Foundation richer by joining a committee. If you are interested being considered for service on the Foundation Board or on a Foundation committee, click here for an application.

Communications/PR Committee

Responsibilities include: developing an annual plan; promoting the Foundation’s mission, programs, and fundraising initiatives to CCIM Institute members, universities, commercial real estate industry, general public, and media; overseeing all Foundation communications, including scholarship programs, special events, donor solicitation and recognition; article placement, and press releases.

Fundraising/Development Committee

Responsibilities include: providing development guidance, support, and oversight to the Foundation’s fundraising efforts; recommending giving programs for Foundation scholarships and events, including defining recognized levels of giving; developing fundraising goals for each channel of giving; actively explore and pursue new fundraising opportunities; review current donor lists to assess and qualify prospects. Facilitate contact with those prospects.

Investment Committee

Responsibilities include: Complying with all applicable principles of the Prudent Man Standard and, for endowments, all applicable regulations of the Illinois Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act; Determining the Foundation Fund’s projected financial needs and communicating such to the Investment Managers on a timely basis; Expressing the Foundation Fund’s risk tolerance level; Developing sound and consistent investment policy guidelines, which the Investment Managers can use in formulating corresponding investment decisions; Establishing reasonable investment objectives; Selecting qualified Investment Managers; Clearly communicating the major duties and responsibilities to the Investment Managers; Monitoring and evaluating performance results to assure that policy guidelines are being adhered to and that objectives are being met; and Taking appropriate action to replace an Investment Manager for failure to perform as expected or when changes in investment policy guidelines indicate a change in Investment Manager is appropriate.

Real Property Donations Committee

Responsibilities include: Review proposed gifts and make determination as to whether to proceed or forego the gift. The committee will designate who may sign the Transfer Agreement in the event of an accepted property. Any exceptions to the approved “Procedure for Processing Gifts of Real Estate” must be addressed with the Real Property Donations Committee.

Scholarship/Programs Committee

Responsibilities include: reviewing all current programs and scholarship initiatives offered by the Foundation; developing guidelines for application process and evaluation of applications including: developing schedule of application deadlines, evaluations, candidate reviews/interviews, and award presentations; acting as liaison to colleges and universities to inform commercial real estate faculty and students of the availability of scholarship funds.

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