Robert L. Ward Donate Now buttonRobert L. “Bob” Ward, CCIM, was a past President of the CCIM Institute and well known for his leadership in education. A mentor to CCIM faculty members, he was also instrumental in defining the body of knowledge that is the foundation of CCIM Institute’s designation.

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The Robert L. Ward Fund (“Fund”) was established to provide funding for real estate educational initiatives and research into real estate analytics. The objective is to improve the content, delivery, technology and presentation techniques used in the CCIM curriculum. Projects involving real estate education and research shall be in accordance with the Articles, By-Laws and mission of the CCIM Foundation.

This Fund is not to be considered a substitute for the CCIM Institute’s budget on education and research. From time to time, money from this Fund may supplement projects of the CCIM Institute, upon approval of the CCIM Foundation’s Board of Directors.


The CCIM designation remains the only credential at the leading edge of investment strategy, financial analysis, and negotiation. The education program provides a graduate-level specialization in commercial real estate at 20 percent of the cost of a real estate master’s program. Those who wear the pin average 42 percent more transactions than their peers and close $200 billion in transactions annually. It’s why 50 years later, the CCIM pin remains the industry’s global standard for real estate expertise and excellence.
“Bob was an innovator in education. He had a lifelong curiosity—always asking the question—‘How do we improve on what we have?’. This curiosity led him in many directions that benefitted the CCIM education program. Many people don’t know this, but Bob developed spreadsheets we use in the courses AFTER learning Excel in his late 60s! His underlying search was always about, ‘How do we help the student to have a better learning experience?’. Bob was an early and ongoing innovator in launching and continually seeking to improve our education program. And, he was always more than happy to share that passion.”
– Patricia Lynn, CCIM


The mission of the CCIM Foundation is to advance and foster commercial real estate education through scholarships, programs and initiatives.

The officers and directors of the CCIM Foundation formally approved the creation of this fund on April 3, 2017 as an important resource for both the future of the industry and the continued excellence of the CCIM education program.


To make a tax-deductible donation to the Robert L. Ward Fund, visit our donation page, and select “In Memory/Honor Of: Robert L. Ward”.

Thank you for your support!
“This fund is going to make sure that our CCIM courses, both in delivery and content, will always stay at the cutting edge and keep us as the leader in the education arena for the commercial real estate industry. That is why I donated to support this endeavor.”
– Richard Juge, CCIM


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