Following are the Named Education Scholarships that are fully funded by the Washington State CCIM Chapter to honor individuals for their outstanding service to their CCIM chapter, the commercial real estate industry, and their communities.

Palmer Berge CCIM Scholarship
Established – 05/03/2007
Palmer Berge photo
Palmer Berge, CCIM, of Mercer Island, Washington, began his real estate career in 1946. He was one of the founding members of CCIM Institute, an instructor, and the CCIM Institute 1977 President. Palmer was a pioneer in the development of financial analysis software, and pushed for incorporation of computers into CCIM courses. He passed away in 2006.

Scholarship Value: $1,000

Scholarship Used Toward:
CCIM Core Course

Past Recipients:
Bonnie Beddall – 2008
Joelle La Blond – 2009
Brent Eaton – 2010
Mike Cameron – 2011
Jason Hershey – 2012
Terry Wilson – 2013
Jeff Jeremiah – 2014
Hau Nguyen – 2015
Andrew Butler – 2016
Amia Froese – 2017
Matt McLennan – 2018
Leigh Wang – 2019
Justin Rundle – 2022
Ernest Peralta – 2023
Max Frame – 2023
Lisa Chiang – 2023
Michael Hamilton – 2023
John Brussa – 2024
Mason Cogle – 2024
William Ford – 2024

Connie Sombs Boyle CCIM Scholarship
Established – 07/30/2015
Connie Sombs Boyle photoThe Connie Sombs Boyle Scholarship honors the late Connie Boyle, CCIM, as a local, regional, and national leader in commercial real estate and the CCIM Institute. Connie was active for many years on the Board of Directors of the Washington State CCIM Chapter and served as President as well as chair of many committees. She also was involved as member and chairperson of numerous national committees with the CCIM Institute, and as CCIM Region 1 Vice President. Connie strove for excellence in all that she did, and helped to create a strong membership and financial foundation for the Washington State CCIM Chapter.

Scholarship Value: $1,000

Scholarship Used Toward:
CCIM Core Course

Past Recipients:
Hau Nguyen – 2016
Hannah Cano – 2017
Eric Nelson – 2018
Kalani Deacon – 2019
Kayla Saunders – 2023

Elise and Victor L. Lyon CCIM Family NES
Established – 04/03/2017
Elise Lyon photo Victor L. Lyon photoThe Elise and Victor L. Lyon CCIM Family Scholarship honors the late Victor Lyon, CCIM, and his wife, Elise Lyon. Victor was a founder and guiding force in the establishment of the CCIM Institute and (in 1969 (the national education program. He was one of the first two CCIM instructors. Additionally, upon his death in 1990 his bequest established The CCIM Institute Foundation with the goal of supporting advanced real estate academics, research and development for the betterment of the commercial real estate industry. Victor and Elise were the parents of four children, including Jeff Lyon, CCIM. Elise passed away in 2005 at 80 years of age.

Scholarship Value: $1,500 (2)

Scholarship Used Toward:
CI 102, CI 103 or CI 104

Past Recipients:
Steve Clark – 2018
Chris Hewitt – 2018
Andrew Hull – 2019
David Rehm – 2019

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